Help RDJ clear up his archives.

Aphex Twin ultras are voting for their favourite tracks from Richard D. James’ colossal SoundCloud dump earlier this year, when he uploaded over 200 tracks from his archives dating back to the early 90s.

A nifty voting site set up by WATMM forum user xf allows you to pick your top 30 tracks with the aim of compiling a fan favourites playlist, and RDJ has let it be known that the results “will give me a good basis for compiling something” for later release. “[I] wont compile it exactly as people have voted, just use it as strong start to compiling it myself,” he reportedly told xf via SoundCloud.

The voting will likely run for a few months while fans ingest the enormous catalogue of unearthed material. There is also a poll for “most loved” tracks and “can’t get into”, i.e. least loved – only RDJ can see the results of those two. Thanks to @technobisto and Willem Jan for flagging it up.

To help you get a handle on it all, check out a multi-page Google Doc annotating every track uploaded by user48736353001.

In the meantime, RDJ is preparing to release his first material as AFX since 2005orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008.



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