The app bills itself as a “community for collaborative music-making”.

There are already a few platforms for making music collaboratively – Ohm Studio for example – but now there’s one that lets you make tracks with others on the move.

As the name suggests, Songtree is built around a branching tree interface. Each time a user adds to a track, another branch gets added to the song’s “tree”, allowing users to create different versions of the same track within the same project.

Songtree for iOS lets your music grow collaboratively

As well as being an app to collaborate on songs with people you know, Songtree is also a community that lets you pick songs uploaded by strangers and work on them too. You can browse recently uploaded tracks using the app, and add music on top of the original via your device’s in-built microphone or external adaptor.

Once the track is finished, you can share it back to the Songtree community for someone else to add to. The app also allows for comments to be added and for  tracks to be rated.

Songtree is available now for free download at the App Store. An Android version is still in development – you can sign up for the beta at the Songtree website. [via Synthtopia]





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