D∆WN continues her post-Blackheart streak.

Dawn Richard already released one of the best albums of the year back in January, but that doesn’t mean she’s using the rest of the 2015 to take it easy.

Today, she has released a new track titled ‘Roses’ which feels less like a leftover from the last album and more like a hint at what’s coming next. It’s an intimate song with a floating production (courtesy of London producer Heiscronus) that’s alternately lifted by a silky performance and given weight by the deep pitch shifts to D∆WN’s voice, a technique we heard on Blackheart used here with a newfound subtly and grace.

The track is tagged with “Red Era” — the name of the conceived trilogy that 2013’s Goldheart and this year’s Blackheart make up the first two chapters of — and it’s no secret that the closing RedemptionHeart is expected sooner rather than later. It’s too early to speculate, but considering the recent messages that something is happening this summer, don’t expect Dawn Richard to be done with us this year.

Listen to ‘Roses’ below and read our recent interview with D∆WN here.



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