Find out how the new multi-track audio format works.

Earlier this year Native Instruments announced Stems, a multi-track audio format that allows the user to use individual parts of a track in their sets. Breaking things down into bass, drums, melody and vocal, the format lets DJs remix tracks on the fly, removing elements as they wish or adding them to other songs.

Exactly how Stems might work in practical terms has been a little unclear until now, but a freshly released video from Native Instruments sheds some light on how the format works. As well as isolating components of a track, you can add individual effects, letting you filter only the drums for example. So long as you’ve got some compatible Native Instruments hardware it looks easy and, dare we say it, fun to use.

The Stem Creator Tool will also let anyone make their own Stems,  something that will offer labels and artists potential new revenue streams. Outside of DJing, the format also has obvious applications if you’re constructing a live set, though there is the worrying possibility that Stems will bring back the mash-up in a big way.

Stems launches later this summer.



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