The New York techno veteran will appear under his ADMX-71 alias.

Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label has announced details of its next long-player, an 11-track album from New York techno originator Adam X.

Titled Coherent Abstractions, the album will be released under Adam Mitchell’s ADMX-71 alias, a moniker reserved for more experimental techno sounds influenced by EBM and 80s-leaning synth sounds.

According to a press release, the album moves through “breakbeat noir, anxious electronic dub [and] reflective industrial modes,” with vocals coming from the producer himself and Janina.

Though usually associated with his own long-running Sonic Groove label, the album is Mitchell’s second appearance on L.I.E.S. under the ADMX-71 alias. Last year he released the Redacted Files EP and proved an ideal match for Morelli’s prolific label.

The album is released on October 15. In the meantime you can stream album track ‘Phenomenalist’ below. [via RA]


01. Virtuality Continuum
02. Arrival Into Uncharted Territory
03. Neutralize & Eliminate
04. Phenomenalist
05. Conjectured State
06. Nearing Obliteration
07. Bound & Broken (feat. Janina)
08. My Theme Song
09. Anxious Solitude
10. Mystical Ascent
11. MGM_41-85



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