Grimes has opened up about her forthcoming LP in an interview with Fader.

Claire Boucher spoke at length about the creation of the upcoming project, which is slated to arrive in October. She elaborated on the meanings behind some of the songs and explained that the album comes from a different emotional place than her previous work.

“They’re not all diss tracks, but there’s a lot of diss tracks,” she said. “… I think all my other albums were, like, sad. And this time it’s more happy and angry. I live in my own house that I pay for. I bought all this equipment myself. I control my own life now. No one has any say over what I do or where I go or when I do it.”

The album includes a “diss track about male producers,” written about “a guy who acts like he knows everything and then comes back crawling on his knees, which has happened to me so many times.” Another track is about being “too scary to be objectified” and will feature three female MCs.

Boucher revealed that she recorded most of the album at home, though vocals were recorded in a studio which was shared with Mike Tucker aka Blood Diamonds (who was working on his own music).

Boucher also clarified that she did not scrap an entire finished album. “There were just hundreds of songs,” she said. “On this album that I’m making now, there’s at least a hundred songs that won’t make it onto this. I think all musicians have songs that don’t make it onto records.”

Boucher also shed some light on living in Los Angeles with James Brooks, writing for other musicians, the exhaustion of life on the road and sexism in the music industry.


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