Grimes declares her love ahead of the sci-fi series reboot later this year.

Claire Boucher should be finishing her diss-track laden album right now, but a regular dose of procrastination is good for your brain, right?

The 4AD artist has taken time out to write an essay about the genius of Star Wars for the new issue of LOVE magazine, praising the films for their costumes and CGI, their portrayal of relationships between humans and non-humans, and even the quality of the colour correction in the new trailers.

She’s also got a lot of time for C-3PO:

“C-3PO has always been a personal favourite of mine. I really relate to his fear of death (among other things), although I doubt most self-aware robots in the future will be as sympathetic and benevolent to humans as he is. Like Artoo, he allows for unique narrative situations because of his ability to translate non-human characters, allowing the universe to feel more believable and complete (because it would be stupid if everyone spoke English).

“Rewatching the movies as an adult, C-3PO’s stuttering humanity is a great foil for the violence and intensity of the films. Almost any scary or violent scene is mitigated by a worried awkward robot complaining about safety. And, as with Artoo, you are never really sure of C-3PO is male or female – and with programming he or she could really be any age. There’s a lot of room for the audience to project onto either droid, which is probably another reason why the films have such broad appeal.”

Read the whole essay on NME. Grimes has also been busy with her pens lately, drawing an awesome illustration for the music-themed comic The Wicked + The Divine.



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