Joe Higgins aka Metrist debuts a new alias for experimental techno.

After delivering music via hometown imprints Hotline and Dnous Ytivil, Bristol techno bod Batu launched the Timedance imprint in February with a two-track 12″ of his own. The label is set to travel deeper into the realms of dark and off-kilter UK techno with the debut 12″ from L.SAE.

L.SAE is a new alias of Joe Higgins, better known as Metrist. As Metrist, Higgins has served up gnarled and textural techno creations for labels such as Resin and Fifth Wall.

According to Timedance, Higgins’ L.SAE material utilises “distinctively raw, atmospheric sound palette, referencing material from early Drum & Bass, noise-techno and 90s IDM.” The new 12″ collects two uncompromising cuts, both built upon thunderous kick drums and delicate synth work.

L.SAE’s The West End As It Will Be will be released via Timedance on 28 August.


A. L.SAE – The West End As It Will Be
AA. L.SAE – Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk




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