“The earth is a weapon, but I can’t lie, the sky looks beautiful”.

The above line could sum up a lot of James Ferraro‘s work from the glossy tech apocalypse of Far Side Virtual to the spiritually bombed-out mood pieces on NYC Hell 3AM. The line comes near the end of ‘Manhattan Future Ocean’, the latest track by the experimental artist and one of the first things we’ve heard from him since last year’s Suki Girls.

Released online this weekend, Ferraro describes the nine-minute track as “a summer’s poem”. While the first section bends contemplative strings and piano in a way that brings to mind the lonely wanderings of Dean Blunt’s The Redeemer, it shifts into a more hellish second half of blaring organs and scraped percussion before reaching its transcendent finale with Ferraro’s spoken word incantation.

Take in ‘Manhattan Future Ocean’ below.



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