Sources suggest labels are pleased with the service’s performance so far.

Currently Beats 1 is Apple Music’s only full radio station, but The Verge reports that it could be joined by up to five more without needing to renegotiate terms with labels.

According to sources, the amount Apple pays per play on Beats 1 is “better than Pandora,” which has made the deal struck a lot more favourable to labels than its competitors.

The Verge believes this opens up the opportunity for Apple to start a Beats 2 station with its headquarters in Australia or Asia, enabling it to fill the 12-hour period not covered by Beats 1. Currently, much of Beats 1’s output is replays of shows.

According to industry sources, the labels are “pretty pleased” with the progress of Apple Music so far, but are reserving judgement until after the trial period ends in October.

In other Beats 1 news, Apple recently begun replaying the station’s shows via its Connect service.



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