The L.A. collaborators drop a split single.

On the heels of Mocky’s Key Change and P. Morris’ Daydream EP, the two artists have come together to remix each other’s tracks. Morris contributed to Key Change and has performed at the former’s Mocky and Friends nights.

Morris’ “Soulful” remix of Mocky’s ‘Head in the Clouds’ adds a touch of downtempo hip-hop, while Mocky’s remix of Morris’ ‘Billets Doux’ amps up the orchestration of the sweeping original. The originals and the remixes are available as a free BitTorrent bundle.

“The future has arrived,” says Mocky of the project. “One of the many upsides to that is no one can stop us from creating and delivering content in any format we can think of.” Earlier this year, FACT spoke with Mocky about the exciting state of music.



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