The BLEÜ DOPE rep drops his debut EP.

GVVAAN first popped on our radar thanks to collaborations with Awful Records artists Ethereal and LuiDiamonds. That connection continues on his LIFEGUARD EP (KeithCharles Spacebar provides production on one track) but GVVAAN and his BLEÜ DOPE WRECKNCRÜ are on their own wave, one that he says is “about to crash right at everyone’s door step.”

The EP is “an all inclusive pass” to the world of GVVAAN, with memories of summers past at the forefront. “There was a point and time when going outside was cool and if you weren’t doing so, then fun literally was banging at your front door. You couldn’t escape it.”

“It wasn’t until I took a trip to Miami this past winter that I realized the nostalgia you get every year when summer approaches is all of the mind and you can reach into your memory bank at anytime to bring that energy level back.” Ride the wave — stream Lifeguard below.



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