The Baltimore artist’s next album is released in October.

Daniel Lopatin’s Software label has announced details of the next album from experimental Baltimore producer Matt Papich aka Co La.

While 2013’s Moody Coup aimed for “elusive and abstract” palette, No No “fabricates a club music environment where solidarity and psychosis enmesh”. According to the label, the album reflects Papich’s interest in the “never ending psycho-drama that is the American news cycle,” while melding it with an auditory humour that operates as a “coping strategy”.

“Where Co La’s past work focused on rendering impressions of physical spaces, designs and objects into broad musical forms,” the label writes, “Papich now turns his interest inward, investigating the sensual and emotional aspects of terrestrial life.”

What this means in real terms is a glossy take on club music filled with laughter, screams, baby cries and more. If you like the idea of Oneohtrix Point Never, Holly Herndon and A.G. Cook combined, you’re going to love it. No No is the second record to involve Papich this year – in April he teamed up with Max D on the Lifted project that landed on PAN.

The album is released on October 9 on clear vinyl, digital and cassette format in partnership with 1080p. In the meantime, you can get a taste for the album with the stream for ‘Suffering (Tuesday)’ below.


01. Squeeze
02. Shrink
03. Gush
04. No No
05. Noon (Blue)
06. Suffering (Tuesday)
07. Barricade
08. Crank
09. Tragedy
10. Fear
11. I Comb My Hair (Bonus Track)



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