Mixcloud is considering adding live broadcasts and round-the-clock radio stations to its streaming offering.

With SoundCloud launching its subscription service and clamping down on copyright infringement, fans have increasingly been turning to Mixcloud to get their streaming fix in recent months, and now the alternative streaming platform is looking to expand into live content too.

Mixcloud CEO Nikhil Shah believes the platform could create 24-hour radio stations using its existing content and introduce live broadcasts with presenters, making the most of the eight million DJ sets and radio shows uploaded to the site.

“People talk a lot about the idea of the human presenter and curator, which is one of our biggest strengths. But you can’t forget that radio is also live: people thrive on being part of the experience and part of the moment,” Shah told Music Ally.

“It’s something we think about a lot, and it’s on our roadmap: we do eventually want to have some features around live radio,” he added.

Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez said: “The big question is how you build a product that works both for the live interaction, and for that listen-again experience. And which also adds some value to the live experience because it’s being broadcast over IP rather than FM.

“We think there are two distinct areas of live: one is that Twitch-style ‘someone switches on their turntables and broadcasts for an hour’, but the other is an always-on 24-hour radio station. We have incredible content that we could fit together to form more lean-back stations.”

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