The London artist’s debut LP is out on PAN in the autumn.

Visionist has announced details of his debut album, due to be released on Bill Kouligas’ PAN label in October.

Titled Safe, the album sees the producer take his signature style, which incorporates elements of R&B and grime, into more experimental territory. According to the label, Safe “traces the arc of an anxiety attack, from its onset through to recovery.”

“Comfort, protection, salvation—this is what we search for,” the producer says in a press release. “We are taught that a life of no worries is better for us, and therefore we try to create one that is ‘Safe.'”

Visionist debuted in 2011, and has since risen to prominence with singles and EPs for labels including Lit City Trax, Leisure System and Ramp.

The producer has also helped to usher in a new wave of experimental club producers under the stewardship of the Lost Codes label. Last month it was announced the label was to be rebooted as a sub-label of PAN as Codes, kicking off with a collaboration between Acre and Filter Dread.

Safe is released on October 9. You can stream the first single, ‘Victim’, below.


01. You Stayed
02. Victim
03. 1 Guarda
04. I’ve Said
05. Vffected
06. Sin-cere
07. Safe
08. Let Me In
09. Too Careful To Care
10. Tired Tears, Awake Fears
11. Constraint
12. Sleep Luxury



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