Fresh from the release of Nomentz, live techno fiends Chrononautz have lined up another of their SECT parties in Leeds.

Hosted with their mates Skunkrock, Ford Foster and Linnemann, the next SECT will feature sets from He/aT, Chris Finke’s ripping techno alias when he’s not being Bodyjack (see FACT mix 499), and Opal Tapes founder Stephen Bishop playing under his Basic House moniker.

The Subdermic, a producer and DJ based in Cambridge, will bring her bag full of “decadent acid soaked techno”, while Dronelock will play a set of live analogue techno and local artist Joanne will showcase the insane skill known as live-coding.

Plex co-founder James Tec will also be playing a set ahead of Chrononautz returning the favour at the Plex/BleeD/Them party at Corsica Studios in November, and all the musicians have agreed to play to raise money for housing charity Shelter.

The night takes place on September 11. Visit SECT’s website to get on the guestlist for a minimum donation of £4. You also need to be a member (or guest of a member) of Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club to attend – join here for £1.




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