Thom Yorke is providing original music for a production of Harold Pinter’s Old Times on Broadway.

Director Douglas Hodge says the Radiohead frontman’s synth-based score “gives an immediacy and a ‘now‐ness’ to the show.”

“The play itself is about memory and love — Thom’s music works backwards and forwards and plays with time and repetition in the same way Pinter does. In true Thom Yorke style, the music is epic, heartbreaking, irresistible and complex. I’m hopeful this collaboration will result in a new kind of theatergoer coming to our show,” he said.

The score was written during a six-month email correspondence between York and Hodge.

“I’d say something like, ‘It describes a ribbon of light on the horizon. Can you do that?’ He’d say, ‘Got it.’ He’d send me an email of some music he’d written, and it would be some primeval, unusual thing,” said Hodge. “The sort of neurosis within his music certainly has elucidated elements of the compulsive repetition of the play.”

Much of the music was recorded on vintage ’70s synths, reports the New York Times.

Yorke, who’s currently working on his band’s eighth studio album, added: “It’s been a pleasure working with Doug on my first stage production.

“I’ve enjoyed exploring through music the script’s themes of love and memory as well as Pinter’s rhythms, twists and turns.”

The production offers added star power in the shape of leading man Clive Owen. Previews begin on September 17 and the show’s official run is from October 6 to November 29 at American Airlines Theatre in New York City.

Meanwhile, a fan recently unearthed some ancient footage of Yorke playing ‘High And Dry’ with his pre-Radiohead band, and there have been strong rumours that the Oxfordshire band are writing the next James Bond theme. [via Pitchfork]



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