The Long Beach rapper has some wise words for hip-hop fans.

Along with being one of the brightest young voices in hip-hop, Vince Staples balances knowledge and humor with his must-follow Twitter account.

Last night, he weighed in on so-called “fake hip hop heads” and a problem that dogs hip-hop fandom. “I am highly offended by the term conscious rap don’t associate me with that…Like what does that even mean? You’re telling me everybody else is unconscious? Sound like some bullshit if you ask me… Fuck the words conscious and lyrical y’all extra. It’s music.”

“Hip Hop scared of Young Thug… Hip Hop scared of Lil B… Hip Hop scared of what’s unfamiliar… Hip Hop still scared of Yeezuz Christ,” he continued. “Niggas say Young Thug not hip hop because of how he dress but Whodini and Furious 5 was on the same shit… Niggas out here fake hip hop heads I’m challenging niggas to break dance battles on sight.”

He even nodded to the sites (ahem) posting his tweets: “And to all the blogs posting my tweets I am now taking correspondent offers let me help you with the sauce if you sauceless.” Perhaps he’ll answer our recent call for freelancers…

Earlier this year, we caught up with Staples about West Coast rap and his masterful debut album.



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