Rabit’s ‘Straps’ gets a visual. 

The Texan producer twists industrial music, grime and hip-hop into a vision that often feels suffocated in heat. After releasing on #FEELINGS and Glacial Sound, he aligned himself to Tri Angle for this year’s Baptizm EP, and will follow it with an album in the coming months.

The video for ‘Straps’ is produced by FACT TV and directed by Lane Stewart, who has previously worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Fear of God and more. We’d describe the video, but we don’t want to give it away – just know it’s intense. Speaking to FACT, Stewart explains that he’s “often floored by the places Rabit takes my ears. There’s always a cinematic quality I’ve been curious to explore in tandem. This is the first of a series of films we have been developing.”

Rabit says “I’d like to thank Lane Stewart for carrying out his vision with no apologies. Eternal thanks to him.” Watch the video above.



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