The Berlin-based producer readies an expansive live project.

Shackleton will premiere Powerplant at Berlin Atonal on August 22. The project relies on a group of “top class musicians” and new compositions played on everything from gong drums to xylophones. Shackleton explains:

“‘With a self-built ‘system’ that allows for both free, open-ended playing and strictly ordered adherence to composition, the principles of the music go from tight percussive and melodic workouts governed by strictly ordered rules through to controlled freakout pieces, with elements of free improvisation and avant garde experimentation taking over at the other end of the extreme.

“Not surprisingly considering the method of composing and the background of the writer, the general aesthetic and effect of the music ends up somewhere between Kosmische, ritual trance and minimal music. While this doesn’t provide easy entertainment, it is rather designed to force more of a cathartic effect on the audience.'”

After Berlin Atonal, Shackleton will be taking the show on the road throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016.

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