The UK Funky mainstay lets out a set of VIP mixes.

Last we heard from Champion’s Formula label, it was releasing the f=BASS2 compilation, featuring tracks from Flava D, Zed Bias and more.

Ahead of a “wealth of music” promised for the final quarter of 2015, Champion drops VIP versions of some of his most popular tracks, ‘Execution’ (originally released on Skrillex’s Nest label), ‘Bowser’s Castle’ (originally released on Hyperdub) and Dismantle’s version of ‘Cannon’ (first spotted on f=BASS2.)

Speaking to FACT, Champion explains that ‘Execution x Formula’ was “just me jamming at Terror Danjah’s studio sorting through my HD and finding the drums for The Formula. Started humming the ‘Execution’ bass on it, which turned into trying it on top, which turned into me mastering the finished track the next day!

“‘Bowser’s Castle VIP’ was done randomly one morning when I was humming the second breakdown in the original and wondered how it would sound as a main part of the tune. Dismantle’s ‘Cannon VIP’ was a muck about for him as well, he sent it over & I was spazzing out! Couple days and a few tweaks later, it was a wrap.

“I feel like Formula is coming together so nicely recently, we’ve got a really big vocal track dropping next that the whole team is excited about plus a bunch of upcoming producers readying EPs for our new F2 imprint.

“As for myself, I’m working on a bunch of vocal tracks at the moment, got one due for a release soon. The collab with Four Tet is on the way as well, some remixes are there and I’m working on a new project that i’m quite gassed about but I don’t wanna say anything yet, really wanna surprise people on this!”

The EP will be available on September 18, stream ‘Execution x Formula’ here:

01. Champion – Execution x Formula
02. Champion – Bowser’s Castle VIP
03. Champion – Cannon (Dismantle VIP)



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