One half of Cosmic Kids steps out on his own.

Daniel Terndrup has been a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene for a few years, releasing intergalactic electronica as one half of the appropriately-named Cosmic Kids on Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House and DFA.

The DJ-producer-record collector has gone solo as Daniel T., readying his solo debut Tetrachromat for Young Adults. The seven-track EP came together as he made the transition from software to hardware, and its laidback, West Coast vibes are a perfect fit not just for Young Adults, but for California driving.

“I live in Los Angeles and I have to drive a lot,” he says via email. “I often find myself driving to San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, not to mention that a large part of being an LA resident involves getting stuck in traffic. I’m not sure I consciously made the EP for driving and public transit, but I feel like that would be the ideal listening scenario for it.”

As for the title, that was also inspired by driving, or at least listening to Radiolab while in the car. “A tetrachromat is a very rare human that has a fourth cone cell in the eye, thus enabling them to perceive a broader spectrum of color than the average human,” he explains. “I don’t really know how that ties in with my music because I’m by no means a tetrachromat, but I’d like to think of my sound as being somewhat colorful. Also, if anyone listening to my EP believes they are a tetrachromat, please contact me because I have many questions!”

Along with his music making transition, the EP comes at a time of personal change, as well: “Breakups, entering my early 30s, and shifting life plans were all weighing on me at the time. Making these six tunes helped me to feel like I was leaving those things behind me and entering a new phase in my life. Catharsis is the best.”

Tetrachromat is due out August 28 on vinyl and September 4 on digital. Stream ‘Planetesimal’ below.



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