Golf Channel, home to Gala Drop, The Loose Control Band and more, will celebrate New York hotspot Mangiami with a compilation in October.

The label has compiled new tracks from the producers who were regular faces at the Italian restaurant-slash-hangout, which was open from 2006 to 2012 in the Lower East Side.

Unofficial musical co-director/promoter Jason Kincade reminisces about the special atmosphere at Mangiami: “Every Monday (and later Wednesday) from after work until far too late on a weeknight, pretty much a who’s who of local heroes and international superstars would play on the rickety old Technics sat on the bar, with mayhem and general debauchery to follow.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise to come in one night and find DJ Harvey at a table with Tim Sweeney next to Alex from Tokyo and Bing Ji Ling with Eric Duncan manning the decks and 100 people crowded into the tiny space and spilling out into the street.”

The album features new tracks from Totes Preesh (Sean Marquand and Patrick Wood from The Phenomenal Handclap Band), Nick Chacona and Cole Odin Berggren, and Dedication, Felix Dickinson’s Japanese band project, who bring the cosmic glamour on ‘Let Me Rock You’ (stream that below).

Golf Channel’s own The Loose Control Band (featuring DJ Spun and Jonah Sharp of Spacetime Continuum), Throne of Blood’s Populette, Alex From Tokyo and Bing Ji Ling also contribute original tracks, and there are reissues of classics by Thugfucker and Will Burnett’s Grackle alias.

Golf Channel boss Phil South told Juno Plus last year: “The music is a lovely reflection of how the nights went down there, just happy, good time stuff – whether it’s the more relaxed or the more banging end of the spectrum – both are represented.”

Following a series of 12″s last year, the tracks are now coming out on double gatefold vinyl and a CD mixed by Tony Humphries, and both formats come with the individual tracks to download. Grab it from October 23.


A1. Grackle – Jungle (T. Keeler & Capablanca rework)
A2. Dedication – Let Me Rock You

B1. Thugfucker 100
B2. Populette – Another One

C1. Alex From Tokyo And Bing Ji Ling featuring MC Kinky G – Don’t Move
C2. Nick Chacona – Band Practice (Cole Odin’s Brooklyn Gal Vocal Mix)

D1. The Loose Control Band Featuring Ray Stevens II – Doin’ It
D2. Totes Preesh – The Spirit Is Alive



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