The album takes inspiration from the city’s ever-changing landscape.

London-based producer Ed Gillett aka Shape Worship has announced details of his debut album A City Remembrancer, due in October on Front & Follow.

As the label explains, the album is inspired by “the shifting histories of London’s physical spaces,” weaving together synths, beats and bass with clarinets, dulcimers and piano to create “a nuanced, politicised eulogy to the city and its inhabitants.”

“Field recordings and vocal samples paint a rich portrait of London as a gigantic palimpsest, constantly being rewritten or renewed,” the label writes, “from the postwar utopianism of Brutalist architects, and the plight of residents now being evicted from those same monolithic estates, to ancient burial grounds dislodged by new Crossrail tunnels, or secrets being recovered from the mud of the Thames.”

Gillett made his debut back in 2013 with the Observances EP on Exotic Pylon, which he followed up with a 7″ for Gang Of Ducks, landing himself a spot in FACT’s list of house and techno producers to watch back in 2014.

A City Remembrancer is released on LP and digital formats on October 16. You can get a taste for the album with opening track ‘Tamesis (Vision)’, streaming below.


1. Tamesis (Vision)
2. Zoned (Hecate)
3. Mudlarks
4. Vertices (Ziggurat)
5. Heygate Palimpsest
6. An Exemplar
7. Paternoster (Look)
8. Rentiers Dub
9. 1987 (Interlude)
10. Saffron And Jasmine
11. Decanted (Mohir)
12. Necropolis (So Many)



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