It has been played all over radio, chanted at protests, and was called “more dangerous than racism” by Fox News.

Now, Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Alright’ has inspired something else: a scholarship. After the rapper visited a New Jersey high school where one teacher included the new album To Pimp A Butterfly on his class curriculum, Philadelphia-based organization Oogee Woogee has created the “Be Alright” scholarship for the student body.

Students have been invited to create two to three minute videos showing the positives of hip-hop and the selected winner will receive $1,500 to spend on tuition and schoolbooks. Though the project is only based in New Bergen, NJ’s High Tech High currently the organization said they hope to expand to Philadelphia and eventually other schools in the country. [via Vibe

Watch the stunning music video for ‘Alright’ here.



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