You can now create your own Stems files at home.

Native Instruments has launched the public beta for its Stem Creator Tool, allowing anyone to make their files using the open-source, multi-channel audio format.

The tool is available now for both Windows and OSX, and allows anyone to create their own Stems files for use with Traktor, letting you isolate rhythm, bass, lead and vocals – as long as you have the separate audio tracks to begin with.

As Native Instruments explains, you just need to prepare four musical elements of a track as separate audio files, import them into the Stem Creator Tool, adjust the compression, and export, resulting in a high-quality stem.mp4 file you can use with Traktor.

Stem files from labels including 50Weapons, R&S and Hypercolour are already available from stores like Beatport, but the Creator Tool means labels can create and sell their own Stems. If you want to use them, you’ll currently need Traktor and one of NI’s compatible controllers to use it.

You can download the tool at the official Stems site, and find out more about using the creator tool in the video below. For more on how to use the Stems format itself, click here. [via RA]



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