Dance veteran Carl Cox claims that Ibiza has been “spoilt”.

Speaking to The Daily Record, Cox – who got his start in the UK in the late 80s before becoming a fixture on the island – says: “Many, many years ago this was just a tiny little place in Spain that not many people knew about. You could drive around, find a deserted part of the island and watch the sun go down on your own.”

“It’s not just me being old, Ibiza is spoilt now. You can go down to the Hard Rock Hotel and you’ve got Ushuaia with its high-end DJs, big bottle service tables and two-tier VIP areas. Everyone used to be together when they went out and on the same dancefloor.

“You used to be able to afford to make the most of your money on the island but now you need a lot to enjoy it. The thing is there has to be a commercial end on the island. If you want to see Guetta or Eric Prydz, you’re going to pay to see them … I don’t think having them is a bad thing it just depends what you wanna see.”

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as Cox highlights Brooklyn’s Output club as a venue doing things right:

“It’s a small room that probably holds about 600 and they don’t allow cameras in there, they want people to concentrate on the music and it makes so much of a difference … The sound is amazing and the people who run it are fantastic. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this scenario, there’s no bottle service, no VIP . It’s great.”

For the full interview, head here, and revisit Cox’s recent interview with FACT.



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