Venetian Snares is in “very serious financial trouble” and needs fans’ help

By , Aug 26 2015

The Planet Mu producer appeals for fans to purchase his music through Bandcamp.

“I guess that’s my job, putting out records,” Planet Mu affiliate Venetian Snares said candidly in his recent interview with FACT. Unfortunately it seems as if the economic of realities of being a musician in the 21st century has started to affect him directly, as a recent tweet from the producer shows.

The producer hasn’t elaborated on why he’s found himself in such “serious financial trouble,” but if you’re a fan of his music and want to help him out, you can buy music from his Bandcamp. If you need a recommendation, the recent collection of archival material under his Last Step alias is a great place to start.

The producer’s most recent release was the Your Face EP, released on Planet Mu last month.



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