The unusual pop-up will form part of the Brighton Digital Festival.

Despite its name, white noise is beloved by some, who use it to aid sleep, concentration and even treat tinnitus. If you’ve ever wanted to add white noise to your vinyl library however, your options have been limited.

Those looking to own their own piece of white noise in physical form might now be in luck. Among the many attractions on offer at the Brighton Digital Festival in September will be a pop-up shop selling white noise to punters in the form of vinyl records and digital files.

The White Noise Boutique is the brainchild of Jeff Thompson, an artist and programme director of Visual Arts & Technology at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.  Visitors will be able to create their own unique white noise from random “seeds” that include dice and bingo balls, and number generators that take the form of vacuum tubes and “high-end cryptographic algorithms”.

Once the noise is created, Thompson runs it through a hashing algorithm, which checks if the white noise created is unique to the boutique’s database. If not, it’s discarded. If you don’t have time to wait for a unique type of white noise to be made, off-the-shelf records are available.

Open from September 11 to 18 at 16 Brighton Square, the pop-up store will also host a curated white noise listening party and white noise performances. You can find a full schedule at the White Noise Boutique website, and find full details of the festival here.





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