The 70s synthesizer is the latest piece of vintage gear to be turned into software by Roland.

Roland has announced its newest “plug-out” soft synth, a recreation of the iconic semi-modular synthesizer, the System-100, complete with virtual patching capabilities.

Originally released in 1975, the synth featured five components: synthesizer, expander, mixer, sequencer and speakers. Roland’s plug-out version features just the Model 101 synth module and Model 102 expander, which adds more oscillators and effects to the monosynth’s capabilities.

Designed primarily for use with Roland’s AIRA hardware, the plug-out synths can also be used with Mac or PC hosts. Previous synths revived by Roland in plug-out form include the classic SH-101 and Promars models.

The System-100 plug-out is available from the Roland webstore. It costs €175, but owners of the System-1 or System-1m synths should receive a discount.

For more on Roland’s AIRA Modular gear, read FACT’s review.



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