Claire Boucher starts an artist co-operative to release the latest album by the Canadian singer-songwriter.

While Nicole Dollanganger has released several albums of lo-fi bedroom pop, Natural Born Losers is her first studio effort. A demo of the album impressed Claire “Grimes” Boucher so much that she launched artist co-operative Eerie Organization to release it.

“It blew up my brain so hard that I literally started Eerie to fucking put it out because it’s a crime against humanity for this music not to be heard,” says Boucher.

Although Eerie Organization will be releasing music (including the Canadian release of Grimes’ forthcoming album), it is not a staffed record label and will not be accepting submissions; press materials suggest that future projects could take many forms.

For a taste of Natural Born Losers, stream Dollanganger’s ‘You’re So Cool’ below. The album is due out on October 9.

1. Poacher’s Pride
2. Mean
3. White Trashing
4. Swan
5. In The Land
6. Alligator Blood
7. Executioner
8. American Tradition
9. Angels of Porn (ii)
10. A Marvelous Persona
11. You’re So Cool



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