“I got a job at Tower Records because that was the only place I could get a job with my fucking haircut.”

In the 1990s, Tower Records was a ubiquitous presence with 200 stores spread across thirty countries and five continents. The retailer represented the economic and cultural success of the industry. By 1999 it was making $1 billion. Seven years later it had filed for bankruptcy with many attributing its demise to the rise of internet file-sharing, but a new documentary hints that this isn’t the full story.

All Things Must Pass charts Tower Records’ rise and fall for the first time, from its origins in Sacramento in 1960 to its global empire and eventual collapse. Directed by Colin Hanks, the documentary promises to tell the whole story of Tower Records and its founder, Russ Solomon.

Following its opening of the 2015 SXSW Film Festival, where it received rave reviews, a trailer has been released this past week. All Things Must Pass features appearances from Dave Ghrol, Bruce Springsteen, David Geffen and Elton John among others. [Via OkayPlayer]



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