The Tri Angle producer details the bizarre incident.

On Friday, Evian Christ was detained in a cage at Leeds, sharing a cryptic video without any details. He has now explained exactly what happened with a statement on Facebook.

After being unable to find his car after his set, the producer (real name Joshua Leary) was stripped of his credentials before being held in the cage on suspicion of breaking into the festival, where he remained for “a Very Long Time.” Leary was then threatened with arrest but remained calm, contacting his manager and tweeting the video before being let out by a senior member of the security staff “who seemed as bemused as me by the situation.”

Festival organizers have yet to respond to Leary’s emails, although Leeds promoter Melvin Benn has claimed that Leary was intoxicated and refused to identify himself, charges that he denies. Adding insult to injury, Reading organizers reportedly labeled a cage as the Evian Christ backstage area. “Personally i didn’t find this massively appropriate and overall i feel gutted to have had a terrible experience at a festival i attended twice as a kid and was really excited to play.”

“we have big issues with regulation of police and private security services in the uk, nobody should be detained in a cage by an employer because they can’t find their car.”

Read the full statement on Facebook.



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