Discogs orders just got even more expensive.

New laws put in place by the European Union have come into effect, meaning Discogs sellers will have pay VAT at their local rates on all sales made through the site.

The new rules are a result of the EU extending VAT to third-party electronic services, which include sites like Discogs. While the amount varies from country to country, the rate is 20% for most EU countries including the UK.

What this means for sellers is 20% of their usual 8% sales fee added to their monthly invoice, and the charge will still apply even if the buyer lives outside the EU. So, if you’re wondering why your Discogs seller is putting a little extra on top of that postage and packaging fee, that’s why.

The rules went into effect on September 1. You can find out more information at the Discogs VAT FAQ.

Discogs isn’t the only online music marketplace to be hit with VAT charges – earlier this year Bandcamp was forced to apply VAT to digital sales as part of EU rules. [via RA]




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