Travis Egedy returns with his first proper album in four years.

As Pictureplane, the Denver-bred, Brooklyn-based artist has spent the last several years establishing himself as an underground fixture, making his mark with gallery works, warehouse shows, the Alien Body clothing line, and — most significantly — goth-tinged electronic music that is equal parts Psychic TV and C+C Music Factory.

Technomancer, his first proper album since 2011’s Thee Physical, will be released by Anticon on October 30 — just in time for Halloween. The LP explores “personal enlightenment through anarchy, resistance and sorcery over modern machinery” and shares its name with a manifesto on his website.

On the title track, Pictureplane toys with EBM and darkwave at their poppiest — stream it below.

1. Sick Machine
2. Esoterrorist
3. Joyrider
4. Death Condition
5. Street Pressure
6. Harsh Realm
7. Self Control
8. Chaos Radical
9. Technomancer
10. Riot Porn
11. Live Forever



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