The missing 73-year-old DJ is still on the bill for tonight’s event.

The organisers of this weekend’s Arcadia event in Bristol have refused to take missing DJ Derek off the bill in the hope he will turn up safe and well, but have organised a tribute set if he isn’t found, the Bristol Post reports.

When asked by fans whether he had been found safe and well, organisers replied: “Unfortunately not – our thoughts, love and support are with his family and we are hoping that he will be found safe and well.

“Tragically he hasn’t been found. It is deeply sad that he is still missing but as far as we were concerned we simply can’t edit him out of the line-up or replace him.

“We felt the most respectful thing we could do was not to try and replace him and if he isn’t found by Friday – to have a tribute set in the slot he would have played.”

DJ Derek was first reported missing on July 23 after not being seen for three weeks, though there were confirmed sightings of him on July 16/17.

The Arcadia Spectacular is due to take place on September 4 and 5, and features the same giant metal spider that appears at Glastonbury.



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