Levantis will study Romantic Psychology on his new album, released through Ninja Tune’s techno-focused sub-label Technicolour.

Levantis is an alias for one of electronic music’s most acclaimed oddballs (the information’s out there if you want the fun spoiled), and debuted on Trilogy Tapes in 2013 with the Believe EP. The album is “about Nigredo and possession of the shadow”.

Romantic Psychology will be released on October 30. Stream the first taste of it, ‘Jamaican Greek Style’, below.

1. Exploding Boxes
2. Red Blocks
3. Yogurt
4. Pieris Rapae
5. Undr
6. Stained Glass
7. Altered Anthem
8. Colour
9. Whispering Sky
10. Jamaican Greek Style
11. Slow Electronic Beat with Colour



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