Prince gives a rare interview ahead of his new album HITNRUN.

Prince’s 38th studio album is set to arrive on September 7. Ahead of the album’s release, The Purple One invited Smokey D. Fontaine for a rare interview at his Paisley Park compound. Fontaine’s piece provides a rare insight into where the iconic musician draws his inspiration almost four decades after the arrival of his debut album.

Prince took the opportunity to praise a handful of artists that are inspiring him in 2015. On Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, he said: “He just has something he has to say. It’s pure. And with Thundercat on the album? Come on. You’re not taking ‘Alright’ off my playlist!”

The 57-year-old also spoke of his adoration of soul singer Jill Scott and commended Kanye West for his interpolation of Ray Charles’ classic ‘I Got A Woman’ on ‘Gold Digger’.

Speaking about how he gauges a musician’s ability to keep up with his process, he said: “Writers often use the word ‘prolific’ with me, but I don’t think that’s right. When you’re committed to something like we are, when you spend the amount of time on something that we do, then you’re bound to create a lot. This is what we do. And that’s why who you let into your space is so important. I watched an interview with Hannah on YouTube before I even wanted to watch her play. I can get any great drummer. But one with the right energy? That could fit in here with everybody?”

Read the entire interview via Medium.

The digital version of Prince’s HITNRUN is released September 7 as a TIDAL exclusive. CDs are available for pre-order via Fnac.




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