“The definitive acid house documentary” has been in production since 1998 – and it needs your help.

Gordon Mason’s They Call It Acid has been shown at film festivals worldwide, and was nominated for the British Independent Film Awards. It features several important figures from the period, amongst them Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Danny Rampling, Marshall Jefferson and Larry Heard. There’s also insight from punters and promoters from the time, and even an appearance by veteran caner Noel Gallagher.

Mason is trying to to raise the funds to pay for the clearances necessary to give They Call It Acid a full release through pre-selling the DVDs. As he explains, “Through this Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign we intend to raise the funds needed to pay for these deferments, plus the legal fees, music rights and archive clearances, necessary to release the film to the general public, initially in Europe on DVD / Blu-ray.”

“None of the initial targeted funds raised will be used to repay the producer’s personal investment or taken out as profits until the target has been met.”

Speaking to The Ransom Note, Mason offers some insight to the documentary’s timeline: “It’s been a real labour of love … I filmed the original archive footage, then for the 10-year anniversary, I started making it into a feature documentary in the late 1990s. I started doing interviews, filmed 30-odd, got a cut together from that, and then put it to one side, I’d ran out of money. I picked it up again in the mid 2000s, shot the rest of the interviews. It’s been finished for the last 18 months.”

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