Los Angeles stalwarts are like “Farrakhan meets Flying Lotus.”

Stones Throw have announced a new album from White Boiz, a duo consisting of rapper Krondon, of Strong Arm Steady fame, and producer Shafiq Husayn, one third of the legendary SA-RA Creative Partners outfit.

Titled Neighborhood Wonderful, the album features guest appearances from Brainfeeder’s Thundercat, in-demand vocalist Anderson Paak (most recently seen on Dr. Dre’s Compton), Chace Infinite and more.

The album is rooted in conversations between the two Los Angeles artists going back to 2011 and explores themes of race and the state of blackness in America today.

Speaking to Ronny Reese, Krondon explained that: “At the same time, everything in the neighborhood—as bad as it is, and as fucked up as it is—we’re taking responsibility for that and we’re learning it’s just as wonderful as it is wicked. We’re telling stories and presenting concepts based off of that, such as single motherhood to drug addiction to wrongful conviction to ignorance…ignorance on all levels.”

Neighborhood Wonderful is set for release on October 2. You can watch an intro video for the project below, directed by Mochilla’s Eric Coleman – who also shot FACT TV’s recent Los Angeles videos.

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