“Got done, good and proper.”

Slaves – the UK punk duo with a questionable name – have been tricked into thinking they were playing at Banksy’s Dismaland.

The band announced via Facebook they were playing at the attraction in Weston-super-Mare alongside Massive Attack, though nobody really questioned why they were playing the same slot as Pussy Riot.

It turns out that the duo were the victim of someone with a grudge against the band, who pretended to be the promoter and invited them to play a gig there, as the duo explained on Facebook.

“We will not be playing at Dismaland on the 25th September,” Slaves wrote. “Some silly sausage pretending to be the organiser invited us to play a gig there and we naturally obliged. Turns out it wasn’t genuine. Got done, good and proper.”

Slaves aren’t sure who tricked them, but given how many people dislike them for their name and other reasons, we’re guessing the list of potential candidates is fairly long. Good news for anyone who bought tickets to see the band though – they’ve decided to play a gig in the town on that night anyway.

Dismaland opened last month, and has already seen an appearance from Run The Jewels. [via Crack]



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