Northern Electronics have laid out their plans of the rest of the year.

The Swedish techno hub have called upon some of their core members their next four releases. The next Northern Electronics delivery comes in the form of a six-track 12″ from Swedish techno artist Varg. Entitled Story Of K, that one is due to arrive on October 12. Label founder Abdulla Rashim will drop a double-EP on the same date, marking his first solo outing since the release of last year’s excellent Unanimity LP.

The label will drop another pair of records on December 7. Acronym’s Ashes 12″ collects four tracks and marks his first solo effort since the release of his June LP earlier this year. December 7 will also see the first full release from a new project called SARS & AR, a collaboration between Rashim and vocalist SARS. The pair have previously appeared together on cassette, but the new EP is their first collaboration to appear on vinyl. [via RA]


Varg ­- Story Of K:
A1 Dialogue & Privelege
A2 Suede & Velvet Combination
A3 A Destructive Flame
B1 Weekend in Captivity
B2 Strictly Uniforms
B3 Her Russian Eye is Underlined for Emphasis

Abdulla Rashim -­ A Shell Of Speed:
A1 Ultimate Reality
A2 A Shell of Speed
B1 Scania Floods
B2 Ador Tracers
C1 Separation of Senses
C2 Red Pool
D1 Crossing Qalandiya
D2 Internal Fall

Acronym -­ Ashes:
A1 Ashes
A2 Fortification
A3 Siege
B1 Exile
B2 Aftermath

SARS & AR – For Those Who Strive:
A1 Stolen Scenes of Golden Lush
A2 For Those Who Strive
A3 The Narrow Life He Bore
B1 For the Hour of Great Humiliation
B2 The Cost of Bruised Knees
B3 Sleep Through Sensation



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