Moog’s next product is a Eurorack synth module with built-in sequencer.

Moog is set to enter the Eurorack market with a new synth module called Mother32, Synthtopia reports.

The module was shown behind closed doors at this year’s edition of annual synth meet-up Knobcon, and offers a basic all-in-one VCO synth voice with 32 patch points for audio and control voltage and a built-in sequencer.

The sequencer sounds impressive in its own right – according to Synthtopia’s specs list it features 32 steps with per-note control over parameters including gate length, accent and glide, and allows up to 64 sequences to be saved.

Much like Roland’s AIRA modules, the Mother32 comes in its own standalone case, but can also be mounted as part of a larger modular system that uses the popular Eurorack format.

Moog’s move into the world of Eurorack isn’t completely surprising – earlier this year the company announced it was reissuing a number of its large-scale modular systems, though the Mother32 is significantly more affordable.

Moog isn’t letting pictures out just yet, but it’s expected to be available in early October at a price of $599.

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