Benga has talked about the mental health issues that led to his retirement last year.

The Croydon DJ and producer opened up on Twitter to explain that his diagnosis of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia had led him to quit music in February 2014.

“I might as well explain it on here. My bipolar was brought on by drugs and the schizophrenia was the result of excessive touring,” he wrote. “Which is why I don’t want sympathy but to raise awareness. Because if I had help early the damage could have been controlled!”

Addressing the stigma attached to mental health problems, he said: “If you know someone that suffers from mental health issues you’ll understand how alone you feel until it’s recognised. Many people suffer.

“But for the people around me ie skream and artwork they must have been so terrified. Not to mention hurt by my behavior. 💙 to them,” he added.

Asked how he came to realise he was ill, he replied: “I didn’t, I got sectioned and when the drugs hit me I started to think about some of the things I had done.”

We recommend you read Benga’s timeline for the full story from him. Last year FACT’s Joe Muggs picked the 15 key moment’s of Benga’s game-changing career.



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