Originally posted on The Vinyl Factory

Discogs has launched an initiative to rescue obscure music from the dustbin of history.

The online record marketplace, which has always been a user-generated archive as much as a trading site, has set out to “catalog every single piece of music ever created in the world” with its catchily abbreviated September Pledge Initiative (SPIN).

At the halfway point, the initiative has already ‘rescued’ over 54,000 titles and is on track to hit the target of an extraordinary 100,000 new listings in one month. With every user celebrated on a contributor leaderboard, Discogs is also picking out the best new uploads as seen on social media, with records, CDs, cassettes and other formats all encouraged.

As well as being entered into a prize draw for a gift set, Discogs explains that “the release you contribute could lead a long forgotten vinyl back to the turntable or maybe even a repressing – and it all begins with a contribution.”

Get involved with the project on Discogs and check out the campaign video below.



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