Gang Fatale have released the third instalment of the Pleasures & Qs series. 

The production collective features artists based in Scotland (Bleaker), London (Neana), Philadelphia (Kieran Loftus) and more, many of whom have done damage with their individual releases over the last few years. As with past Pleasures & Qs, expect raunchy samples, 80s-leaning stabs and a lot of drums.

Check a showreel below, and download Pleasures & Qs from Bandcamp here (name your price).

1. Introduction [Basile]
2. Crucial Intel [Basile, Neana]
3. Main Road
4. Bowness Pier Workout [Trap Door, Neana]
5. Vanilly Styles [Simon Divine, Trap Door]
6. Camper
7. Désirs Électriques [Kieran Loftus, Basile]
8. Rosetta [Clara La San, Riz Fresco, Basile]
9. Poppin [Bleaker, Basile]
10. Mad Jawnz [Kieran Loftus, Trap Door]
11. Back of the Arch [Bleaker, Neana]
12. Fatal Guys [Sheen]
13. Moist
14. Fatal Feels [Riz Fresco]
15. Premium Cream [Simon Divine, Neana]
16. Is It
17. Blue Coat [Riz Fresco, Kieran Loftus, Basile]



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