It features on his forthcoming 12″ for the UK’s Where To Now? label.

Paris has been developing a techno scene over the past few years that’s starting to rival that of Berlin. Producers like Low Jack, Voiski and Mondkopf are all receiving deserved attention, while the city’s internationally renowned Concrete parties will soon be joined by a new club, Virgo.

Another name to add to the list is December, the alias of techno producer Tomas More. Having released music under his own name for labels like Get The Curse, More has been moving towards a more experimental form of techno with releases on Blackest Ever Black’s A14 imprint and UK label Where To Now?.

His next record, On a Leash, sees him return to Where To Now? for a four-track 12″. While More’s sound fits into the category of dark, analog techno however, the lead track came from a less po-faced angle.

“I started whistling into my microphone, just fucking around, being silly,” More says of ‘Berds’ over email. “It sounded stupid. But I’m not a big joker when it comes to music. I rarely make music with humour even though I like to hear silly techno tracks sometimes. Anyway, this time I thought why not? But I guess I wasn’t ready to make a “funny” track so I decided to balance it with a very orthodox, dark percussive techno tool, all about energy.”

‘Berds’ is a banger but it’s not overly serious either, with More’s microphone experiments turned into squeals that are less of the tortured, noirish variety and more like vintage rave whistles. The record’s other two originals, ‘East’ and ‘West’, are just as heavy but much looser in their rhythmic approach.

On a Leash is released through Where To Now? on October 2, together with a remix by fellow Parisian Low Jack and artwork by Louisa Gagliardi. You can listen to ‘Berds’ below, and pre-order the record at the Where To Now? store.



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