The iconic pop star says even now she can never tell if she’s tripping or not.

Grace Jones is currently promoting her wryly titled memoir, I’ll Never Write My Memoir, which has led to some very open and interesting interviews. In a new one the performer opened up about her past use of LSD and the positive influence it’s had on her.

“LSD gave me a lot of insight and sensitivity about what is happening 360 degrees around me. I plugged into all of it. I’m not sure if it’s just the LSD, but it gave me a sixth sense of awareness,” she tells the interviewer.

At one point she asks the interviewer if they can see a fly on the table, before saying “I can never tell if I’m tripping”. [via Dazed]

Jones recently performed at New York’s Afropunk Festival. Take a look through our photo gallery from the event.



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