Strap in for the Philly experimental band’s 24-minute journey.

Kohoutek are named after the famous comet that flew incredibly close to Earth in the 70s for a once in a lifetime viewing experience. Hearing Kohoutek — the band that is — craft there improvisation-fueled extended pieces can feel a bit like traveling back to that period. It’s cosmic and otherwordly while also rooted in raw, gritty 70s psych-rock. That combination shines brightest on their upcoming new album Curious Aroma, which takes the form of one epic, gradually building composition split over two sides.

Though the album isn’t out until November 6, today you can stream the second half which releases all of the tension built up in ‘Part I’. Order Strange Aroma here, listen to ‘Part II’ below and read a quote from band member Scott Verrastro.

I feel like this might be Kohoutek at our tightest and most intuitive. As for the approach to Curious Aroma, we didn’t plan anything specific, other than to begin very quietly and drony and build towards a powerful crescendo. The whole album is one long piece but the two sides are extremely different and sound as if they are two different compositions. Stylistic dynamics are a hallmark of Kohoutek, and Curious Aroma fully reflects that.

As for the title, it is a reference to Leprechaun: In the Hood, which the band watched on cable during a late-night mushroom excursion following a Boston performance. We like the imagery it conveys, as well as being a stupid in-joke only fans of cheeseball horror flicks may catch.



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