The left-of-leftfield artist drops a new EP inspired by the simulation of war.

James Ferraro has shared War, a three-track release inspired by his experience using ‘Bravemind’, an immersive virtual reality exposure therapy system designed for Iraq war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“[W]hen I took the head piece off I felt cognitive dissonance, the cyber violence of war had seeded deep into my subconscious mind. I felt like a surrogate for the trauma of war,” he explains.

“[F]elt dissociation in an orange sunset that enveloped the streets of Los Angeles in a daze.. driving around Downtown LA vaguely suicidal and enlightened, there was no difference from the simulation of war and the violence that occurs randomly and insistently in the world outside of Brave mind.”

The EP is prelude to Ferraro’s new album, Skid Row, due later this year, and follows last month’s “summer’s poem”, ‘Manhattan Future Ocean’. [via TMT]



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